Ready for an Electric Bike?

An electric bike or pedelec is a normal bicycle that has the assistance of an electric motor, while keeping the usual pedals and bicycle transmission. The motor assistance helps you ride further, for longer or with less effort than you could under your own power. The biggest advantage of an electric bike is its ability to take the strain out of riding up hills.

Electric bikes essentially amplifying your power. As you apply pressure to the pedals the motor multiplies that power giving you that extra boost. We are often asked whether you can still get fit and enjoy health benefits from electric bikes, adjustable amounts of assistance mean you can get exactly the right setting to take the edge off but you are putting in the effort just going further and faster for it. You can equally use the turbo setting and put in very little, the choice is yours.

In the UK all electric bikes are pedal assist meaning that the motor will only assist the rider while they are peddling the bike. This is what makes the distinction between an e-bike and a motorbike. The motors are allowed to assist the rider up to 15.5mph, to go faster the rider will have to power the bike the old fashioned way. This may not seem fast to some, but trust us its fast enough especially when you factor in hills and imagine trying to ride 15 mph up hill on a traditional bike.

We stock the very best electric bikes in the world from the finest bicycle brands available, Trek, Specialized, Giant, Cube along with Raleigh, Lectro, Forme and Tern. As Somerset's largest cycle retailer we have a huge number of e-bikes on display, ready to test ride at our branches in Taunton, Bridgwater and Weston-super-Mare. All our stores have safe areas to test ride bikes so you can concentrate on the test ride without navigating traffic.

There is now an e-bike for every type of riding, take a test ride today and see how amazing these bikes truly are for yourself.

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