The big bike blowout sale

What better way to put that grin back on your face than a shiny new ride at a bargain price to see you into the autumn and on into next year’s adventures?

These last days of summer can be a little disheartening. With each passing day the evenings get shorter, the temperatures drop and the long dawdle towards winter begins. But it’s not all bad – the leaves start to change colour, the sunsets look even more spectacular and, best of all, we’ve got an absolute humdinger of a bike sale. What better way to put that grin back on your face than a shiny new ride at a bargain price to see you into the autumn and on into next year’s adventures?

Get to work the easy way

If you’ve ever sat on the bus in a traffic jam and watched cyclists whizz past the window you’ll know the benefits of commuting by bike. But there’s more – as well as getting you to the office on time, every time, cycling to work boosts productivity, improves mental awareness and even earns you a guilt-free morning croissant. At The Bicycle Chain we’ve helped to turn loads of nervous first-time commuters into confident, happy cyclists. Come down and have a chat and we’ll have you on the road in no time, even if it’s been a few years since you rode a bike.

Modern commuter bikes equipped with tough tyres, strong brakes and easy-to-use gears make riding easy. Once you realise how much time you can save nipping past all the traffic, you’re likely to use your bike even more, for instance, to grab the daily groceries and pop round to friends at weekends. As well as saving on bus fares you’ll be happier and healthier – not a bad deal, eh?

Escape 3 Mens Hybrid 2019

Was: £348.99
Now: £296.65

Rove 2 DUAL Sport Hybrid

Was: £548.99
Now: £439.20

Explore further

We get a lot of our customers, those guys we’ve helped take their first steps into commuting by bike, returning to talk about mountain biking. An MTB can really open up a whole new world, and once bitten by the bug it’s the logical bike to take your riding to the next level. A sturdy hardtail equipped with bump-taming front suspension means you can ride further into the woods and faster down the lumpy trails in comfort. They’re tougher than standard commuting bikes, with bigger tyres and stronger brakes, and they’re durable enough to handle whatever comes your way.

Talon 3 650B 2019

Was: £474.99
Now: £379.99

Tempt 2 Womans MTB 2019

Was: £598.99
Now: £499.99

Attention 27.5 2018

Was: £748.99
Now: £598.99

For those who are really pushing it, a full suspension MTB is the answer. If you’re looking to ride rough downhill tracks and keep smiling while doing it, grab yourself one of these and get ready to get rowdy. You’ll see bikes from the likes of Specialized and Trek ridden by some of the best mountain bikers in the world, so jump on board and see what the full-suss fuss is all about.

Trance 2 29ER Full Susp 2019

Was: £2499.99
Now: £1999.99

Stumpjumper ST Comp Carbon 29er

Was: £3699.99
Now: £2949.99

Remedy 9.8 27.5 Full Suspension 2019

Was: £4499.99
Now: £3599.99

The call of the road

Autumn can be a great time to hit the local lanes. Whether it’s a gentle pootle to the nearest café for a warming cup of Joe or riding a local sportive, a lightweight and comfortable road bike gives you the tools you need to get out into that fresh air. Fast, responsive and fun, a road bike comes with a make-you-smile guarantee. And if you can buy it with a whopping discount too, well that’s a bonus!

Contend SL 1 Mens Road 2019

Was: £1248.99
Now: £1048.99

Domane SL 5 Disc 2019

Was: £2349.99
Now: £1999.99

TCR Advanced Pro 1 2019

Was: £2798.99
Now: £2239.99

As we said in last week's look at our entire sale there’s almost too much to show you. Be sure to browse through the incredible offers we’ve got and grab a deal before everyone else hears about it!