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Electric bikes are fast becoming a staple in the cycling market with many of the biggest manufacturers now jumping on the turbo-powered wagon. Let's take a look at the vast selection of e-bikes available in our fantastic Autumn sale.

Electric bikes are fast becoming a staple in the cycling market with many of the biggest manufacturers now jumping on the turbo-powered wagon. We’ve already discussed all the reasons why an e-bike could be the perfect kind of bike for you and the big advancements in the world of e-bike racing – it’s now time to peruse the vast selection of e-bikes available in our fantastic Autumn sale.

Trail riding with a turbo boost

There’s nothing quite as exciting as ragging a death-defying trail with mud spraying all over the place as you speed your way down the mountain side. What isn’t so fun, however, is lugging your bike back up to the top of the run – gravity just isn’t on your side this time. An e-MTB provides the answer, giving the rider a boost to help them power over the more gruelling parts of the trail.

Specialized’s new Turbo line features two e-MTBs: the Levo and the Kenevo. Both are similar in terms of their battery life and the motor’s power output, but they differ in the kinds of trail riding they’re aimed at. The Levo is a true, ‘do it all’ kind of e-MTB, one that can crush the cross-country trails just as well as the technical downhills. The Kenevo, one the other hand, is a thoroughbred downhill rig, built to absorb all the impact of rough trails while still flying along at incredible speeds.

Trek’s Powerfly is very similar to the Specialized Levo, a bike designed to conquer any kind of off-road trail. With one of the fastest motors on the market, it’s an ideal rig for ‘all-mountain’ riding, with tiny chainrings and powerful boosts able hoisting you up vertigo-inducing gradients.


Was: £5499.99
Now: £4499.99

Powerfly FS 5 Mens Bike

Was: £3499.99
Now: £2999.99

Conquering the commute

Electric bikes are adaptable to all kinds of riding, but perhaps the most common place to spot an e-bike is on the commute. In an attempt to keep up with the busy world around them, many people are swapping their tired, second-hand commuter bikes for sparkly e-bikes, ones that can get them to work without the need for a shower or hour-long nap.

The Specialized Turbo Vado is a simple yet reliable e-commuter – the ergonomic design ticking all the boxes when it comes to inner city riding. Complete with mudguards, disc brakes and a degree of front suspension, there’s no morning commute that the Vado can’t handle. The Giant Quick E+ is very similar to the Vado, another commuting monster that seamlessly integrates its super-efficient battery into the downtube of the bike. Constructed from ALUXX SL-Grade aluminium, the bike is one tough cookie, able to bounce back and shake off any kind of urban tumble.

For something a little more classic in looks, but which still boasts a powerful turbo boost, look no further than the Trek TM400+. With a detachable rear rack and kickstand, this is the perfect bike for running errands around the city.

Turbo Vado 4.0 DEMO E-Bike

Was: £3199.99
Now: £2499.99

Quick E+ E-Bike 2018

Was: £2499.00
Now: £1799.00


Was: £2099.99
Now: £1574.99

E-bikes on a budget

With all the extra high-tech gear that e-bikes boast, it’s no wonder they can sometimes cost an arm and a leg. There are, however, a selection of affordable, entry-level e-bikes available in our sale that should kickstart your e-bike riding craze.

Giant offer some of the best budget e-bikes, from e-MTBs to e-commuters. The Giant Amiti is a true hybrid bike, blending bump-eating front suspension and disc brakes with slack and comfortable geometry to create an incredible versatile e-bike. The Vall E+2 is Giant’s budget e-MTB which mirrors the comfortable and upright geometry of the Amiti. With disc brakes, fat tyres and a wide range of gears, this bike is a true trail blazer. But with the addition of slack geometry and a long-lasting battery, it’s an e-bike that’s just as suited to commuting as well.

Finally, it would be hard to beat Giant’s Ease E+ on price. This entry-level commuter is the perfect option for those riders who’ve only recently made the transition from the car to the bike. With mudguards, a rear rack, low step frame and plush contact points, this bike is made for zooming around the city, all at an unbeatable low price.

Amiti E+ 2 E-Bike 2018 Model

Was: £2199.00
Now: £1759.00

VALL E+ 2 E-Bike 2018 Model

Was: £2299.00
Now: £1839.00

Ease E+ E-Bike 2018 Model

Was: £1299.00
Now: £1098.00

There’s an e-bike for just about everyone, from trail blazers to committed commuters. View the rest of our e-bike sale here, or perhaps check out the full range of our e-bikes and see for yourself what all the e-xcitement is about…

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