Power your way into summer with an Ebike

Summer is approaching and the weather is getting ever more favourable for long days out in the saddle. There has never been a better time to grab yourself a new ride and experience the summer season to its full potential.

Summer is approaching and the weather is getting ever more favourable for long days out in the saddle. There has never been a better time to grab yourself a new ride and experience the summer season to its full potential, making the most of the great weather and getting out there, exploring the world in the best way possible – on your bike.

What kind of bike you choose is up to you, but why not go for something a little different this year, perhaps a bike that packs a little extra punch. We are, of course, talking about an e-bike. Here are some of the best e-bike options that we stock here at Bicycle Chain…

Commute in style this summer

A lot of us simply don’t have the time to spend hours every day riding our local roads and honing our form for big summer sportives. Instead, we have to settle for the morning commute. It needn’t be all doom and gloom however, the commute to and from work can be made infinitely more fun with the addition of a turbo-charged motor and a battery that holds enough charge to power you around the city from morning till night.

Specialized’s Turbo Vado is one of the simplest, yet highest performing e-commuters we’ve ever seen, the ergonomic design ticking all the crucial boxes when it comes to inner city riding. Built-in mudguards and racks, disc brakes and some much-needed front suspension make this bike a beast in the urban environment, able to whiz to and from work with ease.

Giant’s Quick E+ is very similar to the Vado, sporting an equally comfortable ergonomic design and all the added features to prepare it for a life spent on busy streets. The bike is also made from a tough ALUXX SL-Grade aluminium, meaning it can bounce back from a lot of knocks and tumbles unscathed, not to mention last for one hell of a long time.

Go further for longer

One great thing about summer is that daylight lasts a whole lot longer, allowing our rides to go on seemingly forever. The longer we can ride, the more we can explore and what better way to explore new territories and widen your horizons than on a road e-bike – a bike that’s optimised for riding super long distances.

Giant’s Road E+ models are some of the most advanced e-bikes out there, combining exceptional performance, all-round comfort and top of the range tech to make a bike that can conquer any kind of tarmacked terrain. Is there a mountain you’ve always wanted to climb? You can make that dream a reality now thanks to the supercharge motor on this bike; you’ll rocket to the summit without even breaking a sweat!

If you’re planning on mixing it up with the terrain on your road ride, or looking to thunder over cobblestones as fast as the pro riders do, then look no further than Trek’s Domane+. This bike channels a lot of the aggressive, race-winning features of Trek’s standard Domane but then gives it a rip-roaring motor for that extra boost. There will be no cobblestone sector nor Flandrian berg able to stop you with this machine at your side.

Shred the trails with extra power

E-bikes are great on the road, but where they really excel is on the dirt. One of the most annoying things about mountain biking is having to lug your heavy bike up agonisingly steep hills, only to cramp up before you reach the exciting descent on the other side. With a motor underneath you this problem is a thing of the past, you can climb steep inclines or long, muddy drags with ease on an e-MTB.

Trek’s Powerfly and Specialized’s Turbo Levo are two of the top-performing e-MTBs out there and we stock both of them in a wide range of models, from budget options to top-of-the-range. These bikes are optimised for shredding downhill trails, but are just as good uphill, the powerful motors and long-lasting batteries able to haul you up almost any incline.

Powerfly LT 9 2019 E-MTB

Was: £5199.99
Now: £4159.99

At Bicycle Chain there’s an e-bike for just about everyone, from trail blazers to classy commuters. View the entirety of our e-bike range here, or, if you want to see what all the fuss is about, why not head down to one of our stores and try one out for yourself…