The year of the indoor trainer

The year of the indoor trainer

The year of the indoor trainer

How are you getting your cycling fix? With the country in lockdown and new rules on outdoor exercise, it has become difficult to make up the miles and to know what is deemed safe and appropriate cycling. Well, it seems a majority of the cycling public have made their mind up as indoor trainers are now the big-ticket item. We said in earlier articles that 2020 would be the year of the gravel bike – well scratch that because 2020 is clearly the year of the indoor trainer.

Our trainers

Indoor trainers are the must-have cycling accessory of 2020 and it’s easy to see why. With more and more regulations on outside recreation and rules on meeting in groups of more than two people, it makes sense to just train at home. Using an indoor trainer means that you can still complete long rides and socialise with your ride mates. Just look at Team Jumbo–Visma’s Robert Gesink who completed a seven-hour ride on Zwift at the weekend.

This is where smart trainers come into their own. They connect to an application like Zwift and then replicate the chosen route by modulating the resistance provided by the trainer. The whole computer game vibe of the application really grips you and you can focus on your little rider avatar, your power output and the riders around you. The difference in your ride quality, motivation and concentration when you use a smart trainer compared to when you’re on a traditional turbo trainer is staggering.

However, good old-fashioned turbo trainers are still great for short efforts and threshold training. Simply put a podcast or playlist on and ride away. Training at home means you can stay fit and healthy while also following government rules to help prevent the spread of coronavirus.


As well as the trainers themselves, here at the Bicycle Chain we also stock purpose made accessories to make your indoor training experience a little easier. One way of making your whole operation smoother is by using a desk or bracket to house your tablet and/or laptop. This makes sure that when you’re using something like Zwift, it is accessible, easy to see and positioned at comfortable eye level. If not, (and if you have access to one) follow the example of Mitchelton–Scott’s Christopher Juul Jensen and use your child’s highchair. An ironing board works pretty well too.

Sweaty business

It’s kind of a nasty point but an important one, nonetheless. Home training makes you sweat buckets. Make sure you look after your bike by using a towel or specific frame guard, and protect your flooring by putting a mat beneath your bicycle. It’s important to stay well hydrated too and replace the electrolytes you lose from sweating.

Simulating the real world

You can simulate the real world in your training with the use of some nifty gadgets. We have a variety of products from Wahoo, like the climb grade simulator and headwind fan, that help you create a truly immersive indoor training experience. Why would you ever need to leave your shed?

You can check out all the trainers we have in stock on our website and get in touch if you have any questions. We are currently running a limited service per government rules, doing our part to keep the nation healthy and support key workers, so we’re only available by phone and email. This is bigger than the sport and business of cycling and we believe that not contributing towards the spread of the virus is absolutely paramount. Let’s all stay safe and support those around us.

If you need to get in touch with your local Bicycle Chain contact us on:

Bridgewater – 01278 423640

Taunton – 01823 252499

Weston – 01934 629370

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