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We thought long and hard about entering the bike cleaner/degreaser market as there are so many other products available that do a good job. But as time went on it became clear that none of ‘em do it as well as Dirt Juice.

Dirt Juice is a completely non-solvent, non hazardous and fully bio-degradeable degreaser that cleans crap off your bike like nothing else. It wont make your brakes squeal if you get it on the pads and it wont perish or warp any rubber o-rings or seals. It will make cleaning an absolute doddle and save you money as 1 Litre of the concentrate – “Dirt Juice Super Gnarl” – can be diluted by you right down to 10:1 to make “Dirt Juice Less Gnarl” and still give spot on cleaning results. This means up to 11 litres of cleaner for around a tenner! For stubborn bits like chain and mech we recommend using the Super Gnarl neat and diluting down for more general cleaning, but really its whatever works for you and your conditions.

You can either buy just the 1 litre of DJ Super Gnarl concentrate which comes in a screw top bottle and decant/dilute it into other suitable containers. Or you can buy our Dirt Juice Double pack which gets you the 1 Litre of DJ Super Gnarl and 1 Litre of DJ Less Gnarl which is the ready to use pre mixed cleaner. This comes with a premium trigger spray which can be swapped between bottles for spray application of the DJ Super Gnarl as well. There are also scaled increments down the side of each bottle making it much easier for 10:1 mixing – no need for Mum’s/The Mrs’s best measuring jug here!







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