MET Genio KIDS Hel RED 85 is no longer available.

MET Genio KIDS Hel RED 85

RED 85 Part No. 3HELM90UNRR


MET Genio KIDS Helmet RED 85

Colour: RED 85

MET Genio KIDS Helmet RED 85

The standard setter in safety for the youngest riders.

Looking at our Elfo and Genio models is rather like looking at an iceberg. I'm sure you'll notice that the back of the helmet is almost flat to allow the child to sit up straight in the bike seat of their parent's bike. But it is only when you turn the helmet over, which is not quite as easy to do with an iceberg, that you'll be able to realise exactly how much work our designers have put into the ventilation system and safety features.

Trends for 2014. Valor does not only come with age, neither does the right to follow fashion! This year the Elfo and Genio ranges have been embellished with new trendy patterns and colours.

The internal air channels guarantee really efficient head cooling. Even more importantly, 'Bimbi-Secure' internal geometry is designed to avoid any pressure points of the helmet touching the fontanel, the most sensitive part of the child's skull, even on impact.



RED 85




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