Conquer all the cobblestones with the new Trek Domane E

How could you possibly make Trek’s cobble-munching and sportive-ready Domane bike any better? Equip it with a powerful Bosch motor of course.

How could you possibly make Trek’s cobble-munching and sportive-ready Domane bike any better? Equip it with a powerful Bosch motor of course.

The new Domane E+ is the electric version of Trek’s popular endurance model and the ultimate bike for riding faster and further over rough and broken roads. There will be no cobblestone sector nor Flandrian berg that will be able to stop you with this machine at your side…

Boost your ride

The Domane E+ certainly isn’t for everyone, especially anyone who likes pushing your bodies to the absolute extremes over rough cobblestones and steep climbs. Rather, this bike is for those who want to add a little more function to their road rides, the battery-powered motor helping them to ride faster and further than ever before. It’s an ideal choice for those of you with a little more life experience, giving you the chance to keep up with and even speed past your younger and fitter riding friends.

All of the fantastic features from the standard Domane have been carried over into this electric model, including the ever-reliable and super-comfy endurance geometry. Promoting a more upright position than a standard road bike, this geometry helps you to stay comfortable and ache free, especially during longer days in the saddle.

The Domane E+ also comes with Trek’s unique IsoSpeed decoupler which helps to absorb a lot of bumps and chatter from the road below, creating one incredibly smooth ride feel. This IsoSpeed decoupler is built into an OCLV Carbon fibre frame, a material that makes the Domane E+ both lightweight and insanely stiff, setting it apart from a lot of the other heavier models in the e-road bike category.

These carried over features from the standard Domane are great, but they’re not the reason that some of us choose to buy an e-bike. Here are some of the fantastic e-features that Trek have added to the Domane E+:

An integrated Powertube battery – This 500Wh battery, manufactured by Bosch, seamlessly integrates with the downtube for a flush and discrete appearance. There’s enough juice to power the bike for 50-60 miles in Eco mode. It’s also easily removed and can be charged both on and off the bike.

A 350-Watt Bosch motor – As well as providing the battery, Bosch also make the powerful motor for this bike. The Performance Line Speed motor offers pedal assist up to 28mph, helping you to achieve race-level speeds without intense sweat-inducing efforts.

Integrated lighting – Bright lights are mounted on both the front and rear of the bike, making sure you’re visible during low light and foggy conditions. These lights are powered directly by the battery, meaning you won’t have to worry about charging or buying new batteries for them.

Four turbo-assist modes – From eco to full-power mode, a neat cockpit display helps you to modulate the motor’s power output depending on the speed of your group ride.

What do the reviewers say?

Bicycling love the new Domane E+ model, describing it as the perfect bike to help you, “ride faster, ride farther, and make hills smaller.”

Cycling Weekly echoed these sentiments, giving praise to the powerful Bosch motor that helps a rider “sustain Tour de France speeds at ‘cycling around the block efforts’.”

As a lighter and more powerful alternative to a lot of its competitors in the e-road bike category, it’s no surprise that the Domane E+ has garnered a lot of love and attention recently. Even if you’re not an e-bike fan, we’re sure you can appreciate this marvellous piece of two-wheeled tech.

Still on the e-bike fence? Why not head down to one of our stores and try one for yourself, we’re sure you’ll catch the e-biking bug.