Mavic wheel upgrades

However and wherever you ride, a new set of wheels can really transform the experience. It’s the first upgrade we’d recommend to anyone, and you won’t believe the difference that it can make.

However and wherever you ride, a new set of wheels can really transform the experience. It’s the first upgrade we’d recommend to anyone, and you won’t believe the difference that it can make. Even a few hundred grams of weight removed from beneath you can make your bike feel like new.

There’s no better time to look at upgrading at The Bicycle Chain. We’ve a load of Mavic wheels in our sale with some whopping savings, so let’s take a look.

Lose the tube

French brand Mavic have been innovating since 1889 and were one of the first to launch tubeless tyres way back in 1999. Mountain bikers have been in on the tubeless secret for years, but for roadies it has been a slower process. A lack of compatibility hasn’t helped things – different wheel and tyre manufacturers still seem unable to agree on the optimum tyre width, resulting in reluctance from many to take up the technology.

The advantages of tubeless are not to be sniffed at though – lighter weight, lower rolling resistance and a reduced risk of punctures are big ticks for any rider. No one likes to be stuck in a lay-by changing an inner tube while their riding buddies disappear with a shout of “See you at the café!”.

Mavic’s Ksyrium Pro UST wheel-set gets over the compatibility problem by coming as a complete wheel and tyre package. The tyre design is optimised to work seamlessly with the wheel, leaving you to enjoy the benefits of tubeless without the faff. But it’s a serious wheel-set too, built with spokes made from Zicral, an aluminium alloy which is stiffer, stronger and lighter than the traditional stainless steel. The Ksyrium Pro UST wheels come in at a featherlike 1,410g. You can’t get much lighter, certainly not for this price, and you’ll really notice the difference when the road points uphill.

Ksyrium Pro UST WHEEL Set

Was: £854.99
Now: £684.99

Superior braking for your winter riding

Exalith is a technology that Mavic has been using on some of its aluminium rims for a few years now. It’s a chemical treatment applied to the alloy that, along with a file-like texture that’s machined into the rim, is claimed to reduce braking distances by 18%. It’s worth noting that you will have to use specific pads that are supplied with the wheels.

Another benefit of Exalith is that it reduces rim wear. If you ride in grotty conditions and find road crud rapidly chews through your rims, the Ksyrium Pro Exalith wheels are a solid choice. They’re supplied with the excellent Yksion Pro tyres and come in at a highly respectable 1,475g for the set.

Free speed, anyone?

If you want to ride fast, a set of deep rim carbon wheels will help you sprint faster and slice through wind, a huge improvement over the stock wheels that came with your bike. The Cosmic Pro Carbon Exalith wheelset brings that reality a little closer, and reduced to under £900 you’ll only have your legs to blame if you lose the sprint for the sign on the Tuesday evening chaingang.

The 45mm deep section features the NACA profile - the wheel is 25mm wide but bulges to 26mm just below for smoother airflow coming off the tyre – and the rim has been given the Exalith treatment. Again, these wheels come with Mavic’s Yksion Pro Griplink tyres.

Deeper rims add material so the wheels weigh a little more at 1,650g, but these beauties aren’t designed as lightweight climbing wheels. If you want aero performance while retaining good braking on an aluminium brake track, these are the ones for you.

Cosmic Pro Carbon EXALITH

Was: £1169.00
Now: £876.75

Be sure to check out all the Mavic wheels in our sale – when they’re gone they’re gone!

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